This page will hopefully be helpful to people who are looking to eat healthy in Korea, or do some of their own cooking and baking. A misconception about healthy eating is that it costs a lot of money. And yes it can, so if you are looking to save money in Korea, I will share my tips here.– this is such an incredible resource! And probably not just for people in Korea! The prices here are excellent, shipping rates are phenomenal, and the selection is awesome! I’ve bought tons of spices, supplements, flours, teas, dried fruit, nut butters, coconut products, protein powders, sweeteners and even body products here. If you are a first time customer, use my referral code AJO567 (“0” as in ocean, not zero) to save on your first purchase! See my post here: My IHerb Recommendations to read about my favs!

Gmarket– one of the best ways to save money in Korea, is by using this site! Wow! There is soooo much on here! Gmarket is awesome because you can compare prices, find new products, and have it shipped to you- usually for free or really cheap (like 2,500 won). Check here for links to specific products I’ve used.

Amazon usually the shipping is too much, but sometimes you can find products back home that you can’t live without. Enter kaboandcocobu-20 on your next order to help support my site 🙂

Emart- one of the bigger food chains in Korea. They have a good selection of dairy products, cheese products, foreign food, coconut milk, vegetables, meat and tofu. Also, with most of the department stores, if you shop in the evening or an hour or so before closing, they mark down almost all their fresh meat products- 50% off salmon steaks? yes please!

Itaewon Foreign Food Markets- I love browsing the foreign markets in Itaewon. There are so many different foods to look at! And you can get some great finds. There are a few markets, so just look around. This is where you can find curry mixes, spices, coconut milk, dates, chickpeas, cottage cheese, lentils.. all kinds of things. And not just in Seoul either, if you look in the Foreigner Marts in smaller cities you can find similar things. (The Foreign Mart near Cheonan Station has HUGE boxes of dried dates for only 10,000 won!!)

Markets- these refer to all the vegetable/fruit markets you find all over in Korea. They usually have fresh produce and cheap prices. I find some spring up during the week near apartment complexes, and some are little adjummas selling their vegetables outside the train stations. Also, the smaller grocery stores usually have excellent deals on their vegetables- I go to one that almost always sells bags of 5 cucumbers for 2,000 won, 6 stacks of 30 eggs for 19,000 won and other deals.


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