Recipes+How to’s


  1. A Lighter Bulgogi-Japchae (Korean style beef + aloe noodle stir fry)
  2. Almond Butter Pudding Cake
  3. A Lower Calorie Almond Butter
  4. Cauliflower Bread Two Ways
  5. Cauli Pizza
  6. Chicken Cordon Bleu Cabbage Rolls
  7. Chili Rubbed Beef Tendon
  8. Chocolate Mint Thick Fudge Pudding
  9. Chocolate Peanut Pudding Cake
  10. Christmas Spice Kabocha Balls
  11. Curried Chicken with Creamy Veggie Puree
  12. Enormous Kabocha Protein Shake
  13. Fish and Coconut Cream Soup
  14. Fit Chicken Salad
  15. Frozen Banana Peanut Pudding
  16. Gluten Free Coconut Flour Faux-Fried Fish (with heads!)
  17. Grain Free Apple Cinnamon Yeast Bread
  18. Homemade Greek Yogurt
  19. Kabocha Butter
  20. Kabocha Coconut Pudding Cake (in a jar!)
  21. Kabocha Yogurt Boats (with edible bowls!)
  22. Low Carb Protein Sticks
  23. Low Fat Kabocha Cheese Sauce
  24. Microwave Kabocha Puree
  25. Naked Roasted Kabocha
  26. New Year’s Party Puffs
  27. No Cook SF Freezer Applesauce
  28. Persimmon Stuffed Kabochas
  29. Protein Bread
  30. Rich Protein Fudge Cake For One
  31. Roasted Sweet Almond Butter
  32. Salsa+Olive Stuffed Pollack
  33. Salty Citrus-y Mackerel
  34. Spicy Beef + Veggie Stir fry
  35. Sugar Cookie Coconut Pudding
  36. Sugared Beans without the Sugar
  37. Sweet Kabocha Puree
  38. Sweet Potato Cookie-Blondies
  39. Sweet Potato Cookie Crisps
  40. Sweet Roasted Kabocha Seeds
  41. Tom Yam Soup with Mackerel (or frogs!)
  42. Tropical Pat Bingsu (Red Bean+Fruit over Shaved Ice)
  43. Unbelievable Pillowy Egg Bread

How to’s:

  1. How to Prepare a Kabocha for Cooking

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