Dried Orange Peel

_MG_0905This is another food find! A natural, sweet, flavourful addition to your baked goods-

_MG_0904Dried orange peel! I bought this at Emart, but I’ve also seen it in a lot of the bulk medicinal herb section- the same place where you can find different aromatic wood, dried ginseng and other roots and jujubes. I’m not sure what Koreans use dried orange peel for specifically- but am guessing in some kind of soup or tea.

_MG_0907This is a great quick and handy substitute for lemon peel in recipes. I love using fresh lemon peel, but sometimes I don’t have lemons on hand, or I’m too lazy to zest them- so I’ve been using this as a delicious alternative! It’s also nice as a flavour change.

However, because it comes in such large strips, I throw them in the food processor before using:

_MG_0908And get a nice powdery consistency:

_MG_0909Lately, I’ve been adding them to my Sweet Potato Cookie Crisp recipe! Yum!! You don’t need too much- I’ve been adding a scant tablespoon with good results. This would also be super yummy in my Kabocha balls recipe!

Do you have any ideas for me?


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