Food Processor

So I’ve been asked a few times about where I bought my food processor, so I thought I would share this. _MG_0505

I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I actually went through 5 blenders before I bought this one. So if you’re wondering about whether its a better investment to buy a more expensive one or a cheaper one- then learn from my wasteful and expensive mistake- and just buy the more expensive one that is a way better choice in the long run!! Or even in the short run, as in my case.

Okay so my first apartment came with 2 crappy blenders so I didn’t really pay for those failures. But I still created waste. And I brought my magic bullet from Canada (I know- ridiculous- but I thought I couldn’t live without it at the time) but it also died. Finally I went with a higher end Tefal Blender- and that worked okay. Until I decided to pour hot tea in and it cracked. Yes I did that. But if you are relatively normal and just looking to blend smoothies- it’s a good one, and it does come with 2 small attachment blades- good for grinding coffee beans- but not so good for making nut butter (I probably would have burnt out the motor doing this).


Here is the Tefal link on Gmarket if you want it.

After that failure I moved on to my current, beloved food processor, the Hanil:


And again, I bought it here on Gmarket.

This has been really great- it has 2 blades, but generally I just use the S blade. It’s also made from stainless steel- so no plastic or glass breaking when I pour hot liquids in it- and its much stronger. They have a funny video on their website where they throw a ping pong ball into the blender and it becomes pulverized. Yes. Definitely my kind of blender. And not to disway you- but okay yes I did somehow mess this one up- it started leaking one day- but no fear! A quick call to the company and it was replaced in a couple days- and I’ve been using it successfully since July with absolutely no problems. Okay I’m done here. Hopefully this hasn’t made you think I’m a complete failure when it comes to blenders 😛


4 thoughts on “Food Processor

  1. Hi! I’m looking for a powerful blender for smoothies (with ice) here in Korea. Does the Hanil work well on ice and frozen fruits?

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