Roasted Sweet Almond Butter

Okay so this is definitely not a one-of-a-kind recipe. Almond butters are all over the place. And why not? Super easy, convenient, and so much more special than store bought varieties. Or, for people in foreign countries- the most practical way to actually get it!


However, because I tend to like to make foods that are a little lower in calories, I have included my tips on how to make this a lower-calorie option. Do you have to make your almond butter lower in calories? Of course not! By all means- enjoy it the way you like it! But, if you are wanting to shave off a little extra, you can follow my tips. (I have made this option into a separate post).


Sweet Roasted Almond Butter


– natural raw almonds
– sea salt
– vanilla
– stevia


1. Roast almonds on a lower oven temp until fragrant and cracking- I used 200 for 15 minutes- but oven times will vary. You do NOT want them to burn!
2. Allow to cool slightly before adding to your food processor.
3. Blitz the nuts until you have a butter texture, scraping down the sides as needed- if you look at my pictures you can see the transitions between nut flour and butter.
4. Add in vanilla, cinnamon, salt and stevia, continue to blitz.

That’s it! So easy!

And of course you can change the nut. I also make my own cashew butter following the same procedure.

For my lower calorie recipe option click here.


Do you usually make your own nut butters?

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