A Lower Calorie Nut Butter

This is a continuation of my Sweet Roasted Almond Butter post, but this is for people who want to make the lower calorie option.


 A Lower Calorie Nut Butter


Sweet Roasted Almond Butter (made with 300g of almonds)
-150g-300g Tea (any dark variety)
-1/2- 1 tsp Guar gum

Continue recipe from last step in Sweet Roasted Almond Butter

1. Sprinkle guar gum over nut butter and blitz.
2. Add tea in small increments, blitzing as you go, until you get a creamier consistency. *The more tea you add, the lighter the flavour will be, however I find that almond butter has a very strong flavour on its own, and can take the lightening up without much of a noticeable difference.
3. Scrape into containers and store in the fridge. This DOES have a shelf life, so it’s better to make in smaller batches that you can consume before it goes bad.

Tip: Using warm ingredients is the best way to expand the recipe volume. I start making this while my almonds are still warm from the oven for this reason. Also, I use warm tea, as it gels better with the guar gum, and again helps add more volume to the recipe. It also slightly cooks the butter, making a better bond and consistency.

If you use an equal amount of water to nut, then you’re finished product will have half the calories of regular nut butter. I used 300g of tea to 300g of nuts, therefore each 1 tbsp or 15 g serving was equal to about 45 calories, compared to 1 tbsp of regular almond butter at 90 calories. I suggest however, using a smaller amount of water, and tasting it BEFORE you go ahead and add too much water. You can always add more, but you can’t take away, right?

I know this recipe isn’t for everyone, which is why I made it into a separate post. But, if you do like your nut butters, and are the type who likes to use it as a spread or eat it from the jar- this is a nice lower calorie option. 🙂




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