How to Prepare a Kabocha for Cooking

Ohh Kabocha.. you are so wonderful

and yet..

you can be so darn hard to prepare!!

I used to think so- but now my kabocha cutting skills are honed to a T. Kabocha- you no longer can defeat me in your hard-ness!

To do: 

Begin by washing the outside of your squash with water, scrubbing away any dirt.

Next firmly hold the squash on its side with one hand:

Holding the squash very steady, make a firm cut through the center of the squash:

I find its easiest to turn the squash as you slice into it.

Finally, you should be able to make a clean break, and be left with two halves.

Next, you simply scrape out the insides. I find that a sharp spoon like a measuring spoon works well, but any spoon will do.

You will be left with a nice clean cavity and are pretty much ready to go from there! You can then either roast the squash as is, or cut it into smaller chunks as needed. You can find how to easily cook your squash in here.

You will be left with a somewhat ugly part that I try not to think of as the “guts” (because really how gross is that). At this point you can either toss them, or if you are like me hate wasting- you can remove the seeds and consume! (click here to see how)

And there you have it- your kabocha is no longer a burden and can be happily prepared and devoured!

*Note- I don’t bother peeling the skin, although some may prefer to. I think peeling is completely unnecessary and takes up too much time. I personally find no problem with the taste of the skin, and enjoy the colour, texture and extra nutrients it provides. Happy squashing! 🙂


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