Aloe Noodles (almost zero cal noodle find!)

Zero calorie noodles!?


Yes- this is for real!

Okay so maybe they don’t taste quite the same as your regular noodles.

But still, with stats like these, you have to be impressed!

Here is what the package looks likes. I found these at Emart in the vegetable section near the packaged seaweed.

Nutrition info:

per 50 gram serving

4.4 calories

carbs: 1 gram

fiber: 1 gram

protein: 1 gram

fat: 0 grams

I don’t know if I would trust the protein count too much on this though- seriously? 1 gram of protein for only 4.4 calories? From sea noodles?

When you take them out of the package, you should drain and rinse them. Then it looks like this:

They have a pretty firm texture, and it’s easiest to break them up a bit before cooking

I’ve tried them raw, but don’t think they taste very good. They have kind of a squeaky crunchy texture and the flavour is kind of like nothing. However, they are excellent in stir-fries and soups! As long as they have some kind of sauce, they will soften up, but still hold their shape, and absorb the flavour of the sauce. Awesome!

Have you tried aloe noodles before? How did you prepare them?


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