Why Kabochas and Coconut Butter?

I decided to choose these two foods for a few reasons:

1. Sweet:

I love sweet! And both of these incredible foods have a naturally sweet flavour! Roasting really brings out the nutty sweetness of kabocha, and coconut butter has a deliciously sweet taste all on its own as well!

2. Whole+Natural:

Both kabochas and coconuts are known for being highly nutritious, whole foods. A kabocha is packed with vitamins in not only its delicious meat, but also its skin and seeds. Coconuts are highly appraised for their oil, butter, meat, milk and even water! And although I do choose processed forms of both food- I prefer to cook squash rather than enjoy it raw, and I do not have the luxury of fresh coconut from a tree, I still maintain these are excellent choices of whole, natural foods.

3. Simplicity:

These foods not only lend themselves incredibly well to gourmet recipes, but can stand alone as full flavoured dishes by themselves. It’s amazing what a touch of salt can do to a roasted slice of kabocha. Or the creamy richness that results in dipping a banana into coconut butter. Both of these foods show that delicious does not need to be complicated.


I love how you can take just these foods and change them to make variations! Sweet, spicy, mild, salty, savoury- whichever you choose you can expect delicious results! I’ve steamed, roasted, baked, mashed and pureed kabocha, and have never been dissatisfied! It also lends itself to a wide variety of substitutions- have a favorite recipe that uses potato? Just swap with kabocha! Use kabocha in instead of other starchy carbs in stews, for creaminess in sauces and soups, for flour in some baked goods, for oil in some baked goods, for mashes, casseroles and even bbqs! Coconut butter as well is highly versatile- in rich soups,  curries, icings, chocolates, fudge, low carb desserts and as an alternative to dairy and butter.

5. Kabocha squash is my favourite food, and coconut butter is second:

This is pretty self explanatory. Despite all those reasons above, this is probably the main reason as to why I chose this name- kabocha is my hands down, all time favourite food, and coconut butter is a definite second. Also, because I consume large amounts of kabocha, and therefore many of my recipes will use it, it kinda makes sense to start a blog with that name.. 🙂

(Not a kabocha here- I’m not sure what variety this squash is.. still, any winter squash makes me happy ❤ )


One thought on “Why Kabochas and Coconut Butter?

  1. I just LOVE coconut in any form. Cant get enough of it. One simple “recipe” i just discovered from someone else. Get a banana. Peel it,and the piece you are going to eat,dip it in coconut “flour” which is just dried coconut meat. Talk about heaven. Dip each new piece into the flour for each bite. Better than drugs,but much more addictive. 🙂 Im gonna try it with other fruit. Cant wait till mango season and have coconut flour with that. OOOoohhh! Seeya

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