Hello world and my food philosophy…

Hello out there!

I have decided to start this blog as a creative outlet as well as a  way to share my food finds, recipes and experiments with other food-lovers.

Food is such an exciting part of life and is central in so many of our experiences. We learn about new cultures through food, we nourish our bodies through food and we share food with our friends, families and loved ones.

Food is the root of so many emotions as well- not only in celebrations like birthdays, but shows a direct relationship to how we feel about ourselves. When we fill our bodies with healthful, nutrient-rich and fresh ingredients, we reflect a much different self then when we opt for the unhealthy, highly sugared and nutrient-poor convenience foods of today.

As a Fitness, Figure and Bikini Competitor, I’ve experienced the impact of food in such a profound way. I’ve learned about food complexities, such as restrictions, macros, nutrient profiles, protein to fat ratios, high carb, low carb, gluten free, grain free, sugar free, dairy free, paleo, leangains, IIFYM… but I’ve also learned that food can be simple too, and leads to a much less stressful life. In this blog, I can’t promise my food will be stress free (I’m not sure I can or will ever completely relax my relationship with food) instead, I will just share fun foods with which I like to fill my plate 🙂

Also, as a Canadian currently living in South Korea, I will share some of my food finds and experiences here.

Thanks for dropping by, and please feel free to comment, ask questions and get involved 🙂



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